Thursday, October 21, 2010


Seriously? That is the analysis made by Reporter Without Border (RSF). I'm not sure if they are more freer than us judge by what happening. Malaysia press are more freer then ever. Agree? But how come Singapore press is freer than Malaysia?

The truth is Singapore Government have shut their press before they can report any news that oppose with government. Defamation act use by government which bring bankruptcy to any reporter or politician. No demonstration can even be  hold by any parties. Don't believe me. They have the longest serving ISA detainees Chia Thye Poh. Read here.


Anonymous said...

Thats right Hariz - How come huh???? Reality is not that simple beb. To run a country not easylah. Of course can question gomen policy, just dont be irresponsible or mischievious.
While I sympathize with Chia T.P, the fact is at 2am I can go makan2 or sahur at Simpang Bedok or McD.

Cek Mek

Anonymous said...


Ini joke of the year daa.

(SPH )Singapore Propaganda House

whackthembugger said...

Anwar's foreign associates in action to make avenues for Anwar's suckers (the likes of DAP) to make ridiculous propaganda out of anything especially those without basis. Can you imagine, these are the same people who say the rakyat will benefit the RM100 contribution by LGE (from dobious sources) is acceptable to the rakyat than the Menara Warisan; what a joke,Tony Pua and his boss, LKS and son co!!!

Hariz Hussein said...

anon 2.57
haha i like to eat ayam penyet in sunway

anon 6.07
nonsense report actually...

therefore we shall not trust anymore this bloody chauvinist...malays should know better...