Wednesday, October 27, 2010


That was revealed by our Chief Auditor. If we compare to the government annual budget, it's a pretty damn big number. But how big that number if we see that number had been use by government to support our growth for all these years.Any country having debt but we must be careful. USA recent debt almost 4 trillion. But that was okay because they can print the Dollar as many as they want out of nothing.
But that doesn't mean our government can spend and having debt carelessly. Debt must be reduce. To have a prosperous country, we should generate as much income as we can by using our own resources. We can no longer depend on FDI as our labor income increase in line with high income policy. We can't compete with China and even Indonesia in that part.
If we no longer can manage our debt, nobody will let us to borrow their money. Therefore it will erode our country development. Read the star here.

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