Thursday, October 28, 2010


Pentadbiran Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak mahu menjadikan Malaysia sebuah hub pusat hiburan malam bagi memacu industri pelancongan mengikut Program Transformasi Ekonomi (ETP).
Ini akan dilaksanakan dengan penubuhan beberapa kelab malam terkemuka, menganjurkan konsert utama, melonggarkan garis panduan untuk penghibur antarabangsa dan “mempakejkan” semula acara antarabangsa seperti Formula 1 dan MotoGP.(Malaysiakini).
Again Najib exposed himself and his govenrment to be blast by the opposition. I'm government supporter but in certain things i may not agree with government decision. And this one i suppose no Miuslim would agree with decision to make Malaysia as the night entertainment hub. When we talk about night entertainment,  there would be involve night club, social between teenager and maybe prostitution and etc. We are well known Muslim country and this is something not compatible with that label. As Muslim
we must oppose this decision. 


stretch said...

agree... i also in a way, support the government, sometimes maybe they do stuff that we might not see..we just believe in their vision, maybe it'll be for a better prospect. but to be a night entertainment hub... haha.. tak mencegah maksiat langsung. come on la leaders of malaysia.. budak 5 thn pun tau kelab2 tu tak elok. make it discrete if you're that desperate. we don't want to be a part of a country that promotes 'improper' entertainment.. sheeeshh

Anonymous said...

Aiyah you FANATICS. If you dont like, dont go lah. MALAYSIA is a MULTIRACIAL country. GROW up lah. Come out of the coconut shell.SHEESH

Hariz Hussein said...

what fanatic?i do what my religion ask me to do. i don't think night club should be an agenda in ETP. This is not contribute to build modal insan. You should see what happen to west civilisation. Yet in kl, there still have hight clubs...just don't make it an economic agenda because it just contributing to social issus. Get it?aiyaaa

ultrawan88 said...

Lol Anonymous hahah XD,

You thinking is too narrow, you only thinks for your lust and desire, but not thinking of the social impact that will lead to the society and moral issues. Yes, Maybe if we focuses on adults, they may understand how to control themselves to certain extent when dealing with clubbing stuff, but by promoting this as one of the main economy generators, I seriously object kaw2.

Coz it is not only Muslim are protesting but also the other religions as well. They is no such religion that ever allows adultery, drinking, usury & entertain too much till push the limits. If have, it is only ideology or believes that created these laws either to control people or just wanna follows their lust and desire and be selfish. For the sake of Malaysia, we cannot be like that duh..

That's why as a Multiracial plus Multireligous country, we must respect all of thier cultures especially eastern customs and cultures.
This kind of movement will lead to social disorder and it will worsen if the teenager are invovled too. It also determine the fate of future Malaysian which later will become our leader. Of course we do not want our future generation to be corrupted especially if it is your offspring itself go to the club and enjoys kaw2 and disobey you one day or even become wilder and disrespect you then when you want to scold them, they will reply , "Yo, Pops, Mama ur the one who agreed with this before and talk this crap comments in this Blog,so why u wanna disagree now huh??".

Ok, if you do not wanted to have a family and offspring coz u just wanna laid out here and use condom just to satisfy urself, then your sugesstion is a really a threat to Malaysian peace and harmony to stability coz whilst promoting this, we will creates as I mentioned before unhealthy society issues that will lead degeneration of moral values and etc.

It is ok for you to choose to stick with your comments, but we as Multiracial and Multireligious country will not wanted to see our society and our family to be destroyed by this issue. We wanted a very healthy society that will lead to harmony and peace in Malaysia. I bet anyone with your ideas actually will destroy Malaysia either u know it or not. You only pointing this issue to Muslim view, but you forgot as other people also will pointing at you as well. I really hope you will understand this and think deeper before you comment such an issue.

P/s: now I am wondering, who is the one just come out of the coconut shell??? SHEESH! Ok maybe we are, but at least we are still human enough compare those who not live inside coconut shell but when even monkeys sees them also laugh and declare they more civilized than them XD.