Monday, October 25, 2010


Don't believe me? See it for yourself what happen in Penang. Penang is still Malaysia right? Where Federal Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Yet without political power, Malays privilege is useless. Penangitis groan in their own motherland. Yes you have privilege but without political power, no Malays can implement that law.

Now you how serious that is. Therefore Malays should 
united. We need to defense our political power. We have 
loss economic power. The only thing left is political power 
because it is something no one can control. It is automatic given
 to the majority. Unless genocide happen. And i think
30% Malays equity should be increase to 60% and see what
the respond from non-Malays.    


sri tribuana said...

Agreed bro, baca apa yg saya tulis dlm ulasan ucapan presiden part 2. Saya ulas betapa penting kuasa Melayu, or else constitution as good as dead.

sgray said...

Agreed ...tapi bagus juga utk segar kan Melayu2 PP ATAU KAT MAIN LAND NIE..supaya jangan bersikap egois supaya selalau bersyukur ..jangan lak marahkan nyamok kelambu dibakar..
Kalau salah kita tegur..Hidup Melayu

whackthembugger said...

Its all there, so let's strategise, capitalize and work on the gift so clearly embedded in our Constitution. Lets no brood,instead let's be united against the hidden and dangerous agenda of the DAP. LKS will not give up his foolish racist ideals until his last breath, lets make him as miserable and despair as possible till then. Similarly KJ, such a divisive factor in UMNO, continue giving him the boot he deserves.

Tamingsari said...

Salam ziarah.

Segalanya terjawab selepas ucapan pengulungan semalam.


Hariz Hussein said...

thank you all of u for commenting,
yeah we should defense our political power to the last breath. It is all that left and matter.