Monday, October 25, 2010


I've read a few blogs earlier about Penang and how Guan Eng consistently and systemically chase out Malays from their residency. If we given more time to DAP to rule Penang, i'm afraid more damage to Penangitis might happen especially to Malays.
Therefore, early General election maybe the solution. I guess Penangitis also hope the same thing. They already feel nausea to the DAP government. The khalifah Guan Eng is a person who have an agenda to turn Penang to become another Cinapore. No doubt about that. I'm really feel that  the sentiment toward government very strong. Najib might consider early election to save Malays in Penang. That's the only suggestion that i would like to propose right now to save Penang. Pity for them. Read Pisau about Guan Eng govenment surpression toward Malays in Penang.

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