Wednesday, October 27, 2010


If we look our neighborhood country, there is no sentiment of racism. I mean not that bad as our country. Malays forefather made a big mistake that lead to today racism issue. I'll take example Indonesia and Thailand. They are talking with one language and they only have one school system. This issues generate the barrier that make us to unite become more complicated. One side ready to give up something but the other side is just a plain greedy.

The independent fighters were overlooked this issues. They failed miserably to implement the  foundation of our country. We should strict to form the base in order to build a nation. Indonesia and Thailand took a brilliant step to form their country with multiracial people. And Indonesia i even heard prevent the immigrant to join the politic. Simply uphold the supremacy of Indonesian race above everything. That the only part Malaysia lose to them. I guess. Not sure. But racial relationship between us is just simply like "Api Dalam sekam'. If not manage properly, it's like a time bomb. God help us.


tebing tinggi said...

A mistake that could not be easily corected, probbaly with the eruptation of the time bomb will facilitate the change, Insaallah.


Hariz Hussein said...

tebing tinggi.
by that time Agong need to interfere and new constitution should be established. But to go to that part, there must be bloodshed and that must be avoided.