Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Just now, in High Court, Felda has obtained Judgment in Default(JID) from Judge Dato zabariah to Suara keadilan. JID is a binding judgment in favor of the plaintiff when the defendant has not responded to a summons or has failed to appear before a court of law. It can be compared to a forfeit victory in sports.

Suara Keadilan need to pay for the damage that they might cause. Now you can see that it is a defamation against Felda. Why they are so scared to come to the court if they are on the right side.  Same old stories. PKR, always played the same tactic. This is Anwar's strategy to attack the government. Again and again. Telling lies and pretend that he knows everything because he was in government before. Felda will proceed to sue PKR President, Deputy President Editor and writer of that article. Goodluck mate. Read House PK.

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