Saturday, October 23, 2010


I know it. This is what DAP Chinese want. They said it now. Through their paper Malaysiakini, they want Penang become another Singapore. They want another country for them. I suspect that they are using the same method like PAP used to do to bring Singapore out of Malaysia. Playing racial card. These DAP Chinese is beyond the limit.
But Malays leader will not be fool by them
this time. Malays Rulers are enough with
your temperament. I suggest we use the power
of military to avoid them play any racial card
or this kind of idea even cross their mind.
I feel very sad because what happen is due to
the splitting of the Malays. Today they said it
through paper. Later when racial chaos happen,
that is the time for them to be free from Malaysia.
To DAP, don't ever think the Penang is 'KEPALA
BAPAK KAU PUNYA'. Read here and here.

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