Friday, March 25, 2011

New Interlok: Malays now being called immigrant

  • Interlock was written not based on political motive. 
  • It was a literature written on the prevailing social structure and practices that existed during that time.
  • Accusing Malays are immigrant is unknown fact.
  • MP who doesn't know history and cannot speak proper bahasa is bad.
  • I'm sure she just want to play the racial card because she clearly know that Malay will get upset with her statement.

Penulis: Jangan cepat melatah. Hukum individu rasis ini semasa pilihanraya.


Anonymous said...

Stupid white hair bitch, never learn history of kepulaun Melayu but want to make racist remarks. Don't talk cock racist bitch...

Hariz Hussein said...

she clearly know that her remark will get the Malays angry.

Now we should ask to ourselves what is her motive.

DAP is always playing racial card and accuse others racist.

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. dia ni tak amik SPM kot.. that why still in denial.. so buat MP DAP... better u amik buku SPM anak u and baca 10000 kali.. kalau tak da anak u google jela senang.

Anonymous said...

nak kena penampar barua ni...mat tajam.