Monday, October 25, 2010


Thats what Hatta Ramli(PAS-KUALA KRAI) said to DAP. Maybe. I don't know. It's very disgusted to me. Wondering what the Malays still doing with DAP after all they had done to Malays Penangites. Didn't this Malays think clearly before they want to conspire with this bloody racist DAP.

Especially to PAS representative. How could you do this to Malays
and Islam. Before this, you said you will fight for Negara Islam. Then
when you make alliance with DAP, suddenly your 'ulama terompah' said
that was okey to hold on this 'syiar'. PAS become a little less to fight for Islam. UMNO is the same. But UMNO fight for Malays which are absolutely
Muslim. Better i vote for UMNO right. Advantage to UMNO they don't
make a pact with bloody chauvinist DAP party who trying to ruin our 50
years of peaceful and harmony. Now PAS, you tell me to my face why should
i vote for you? Read here guys.

Can i punch to your face one by one?Damn you.


Anonymous said...

Penangites la bang. Penangitis sounds so like a disease. Or are you saying all Penangites have penangitis... :-O

Hariz Hussein said...

ops sory brader...wa taip laju sgt hehe
thanks yah
or maybe penangites do have penangitis..
always see Kit siang use this word :P

Mr UMNO said...

tu la pasal ngatkan ape la penangitis td...

Wak Jengkol said...

salam ziarah..

Berbelit lidah wak baca tulisan org putih (dlu SPM grade 2 je)..baca slow2 br wak understand. pe2 pun kesian bl tgk si melayu sanggup jd mangkuk DAP nih..