Friday, October 8, 2010


Is the Sultan of Johor promoting further annihilation of minority’s rights?

Above is the title (click on link) in an article written in a pro-Hindraf blog. What I can say is that the author is very rude and disrespectful to the Sultan of Johor.

"The recent statement by the Sultan of Johor in relation to the constitution has thrown to light for what seems to be a veiled support to encourage the neo-fascist movement PERKASA with their antics based on the purported Federal constitution"

What a nonsense. Twisting the words of the Sultan of Johor was not acceptable and should be stripped of his citizenship immediately. He deliberately wanted to drag the Sultan into the politic. Minister of home affairs should take action as soon as possible. Especially this is the Sultan of your state right.

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Anonymous said...

Dei thamby cittttt pundek.
U Paria low class kasta.
Kulit hitam macam biawak
Amak apak konkek babi kaaaaa