Wednesday, October 20, 2010


What is the relationship between those three? Here we go. DAP criticize Istana Negara. DAP against the project of Warisan Merdeka. The intention to criticize New Istana under progress is to give the image of the Istana has been build on the people misery. How rude is that you think?. That is the same people who oppose the monarch system just what they had done to the monarch in China.

Now i tell you the purpose of Warisan Merdeka lead to the reason why DAP hates that project so much. Government intention to build this building in the middle of crowding KL is to attract and gather Malay Businessmen. Just like KLCC which Malays hard to get any shop lot, but this time around, Warisan Merdeka will change all that. After all, this is a project by PNB which own by Bumis. Yes i said it. Malays should realize this. Thanks to Najib.
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Aktivis said...

I agree after all Warisan Merdeka is for rakyat!

Hariz Hussein said...

malays should know what's behind this project all about.