Friday, October 22, 2010

3,528,925 UMNO MEMBERS

That number revealed by Tengku Adnan. The largest number in an association i guess in Malaysia. UMNO can win many election seats only using their members vote. But if only UMNO members vote their candidate. But 2008 general election shows that UMNO members are not blindly voting their candidate. Therefore UMNO leaders should beware.

The maturity of malays in UMNO something that we 
should be proud of. Malays should be aware of the 
current issues. I just wondering if that number also represent 
their dead members and members that already left the party. 
Also i heard many of them didn't pay party's fees. Like it or not
this is the only party that Malays feel secure of their future.
To UMNO leader don't betray this trust as majority Malays 
trust them.


Aktivis said...

Remember is all about quality not quantity! and I would like to reminds that ACTION speaks louder than words..what Najib had said previously during UMNO AGM he must take full action!Not just him but all the UMNO members as well.

Kemulian Melayu!

Hariz Hussein said...

Yes..UMNO members maturity is a good sign. Therefore UMNO leaders will always be careful in what they are doing.